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Tracey's Juice Bar stands as a tribute to Tracey Susan, a devoted primary school teaching assistant with a fervor for healthy eating and education. Diagnosed with a rare liver cancer affecting only one in five million at the age of 43, Tracey launched a juicing blog during her courageous two-year battle. Her aim was to inspire others to embrace healthy eating practices, utilizing leftover fruits and vegetables in juices and smoothies to combat food waste. In her memory, Tracey's children established Tracey's Juice Bar, dedicated to perpetuating her legacy of wellness and nutrition.


Our commitment is unwavering – we source only from sustainable suppliers, embrace fair trade practices, and support ethical farming. We promise a conscientious supply chain that not only considers environmental factors but also uplifts the livelihoods of fruit pickers worldwide. With every sip, you taste the essence of Tracey's passion for juice, smoothies, and a better world.

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