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Our Work

At Traceys we are deeply committed to sustainable farming, fair trade, and creating a better world. We prioritize responsible practices to protect water, nurture the environment, and ensure a fair and ethical future for generations to come. Join us in cultivating positive change.


Costa Rica

Water is a scarce and invaluable resource in costa Rica, So our suppliers have constructed a water purification system that enables them to reuse the water for the hydration of the fruits. Our suppliers are also committed to protecting the indigenous wildlife, their pineapple fields have many patches of jungle within them to allow the wildlife to move through freely


Morocco suppliers

Our suppliers in Morocco use the natural environment to the maximum. To reduce strawberry loss due to fungi, the bumble bees used for pollination initially pass through a bath of fungicide and apply it directly to the flowers only, The application of pesticides is carrier out by spiders. Reducing the requirements for harmful chemicals, our suppliers also sponsor a local school

Farmer and a Cow


Serbia suppliers

In Serbia, Our suppliers have invested in mechanical picking to improve conditions for the workers and have opened an agroshop next to the factory, Local growers visit the shop for information, technical support and the purchase of related materials.


Superfood Suppliers

The Farmers who produce our Spirulina share a belief in nurturing the land that they farm from and the communities they work with. The regions which our Spirulina is sourced from are dependent on agriculture as the main form of employment, by purchasing our drinks you are helping support these communities and projects that are focused on helping the least well off in society receive the basics that everyone should have such as food, housing, medication, water, sanitation and education.

Farmer Holding Vegetables In Hands
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